Our Story

Denver Local. Family-owned. Colorado Proud.

Our founder, Nick Maxfield, was looking for a coffee product to fit his low-carb, dairy & soy free diet in late 2015. He started making his own version of a latte using cacao butter and cold brew. Over the course of 4 years, Nick's recipe was finally perfected. Countless family members and friends had a very similar reaction when trying it. "This is SO good! You should sell it!"
Nick had three pillars that he wanted to remain constant, if he were to move forward with this business. He wanted the quality taste to be consistently great, he wanted to only use the best superfood ingredients, and it had to be sustainably made and sourced. These principles continue to drive us forward today.
Nick launched the business with the help of his family in August of 2020, selling his signature Cabu Latte at the Cabu Trike in Commons Park, Denver, CO. Several family members helped to get the business up and running. His father (John R), mother (Colleen), brother (Sam), cousins (Molly & Josh), sister-in-law (Oahn), and bother-in-law (Garrett) all joined the team to help with operations, HR, finance, legal, marketing, sales, and design. 
The brand has resonated strongly with our "Regulars" around Commons Park and we are expanding to events, wholesale, and e-commerce. Our goal is to continue to share our products with people that want delicious, healthy, and sustainable caffeinated options. 
We appreciate our Cabu Community and look forward to welcoming many more of you into our family as we continue to grow!